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On Wednesday, September 1st, I officially began working towards my leisure goal to catch up on new music. I listened to an album titled “Small Steps, Heavy Hooves” from a band called Dear and the Headlights. My friend, Jake, who is also the guitarist in my band back home gave me this album along with around 30 other albums the night I came down to Carbondale. He pointed out Dear and the Headlights in particular and said he thought I would definitely like them. Needless to say, Jake hit the nail on the head with this pick for me!

I sat on my bed with a box of Flavor Blasted Goldfish, Juicy Juice, my laptop, song lyrics, and a pair of headphones as I checked out this new band. It was pretty much heaven in Carbondale that Wednesday night! The band has a very unique Indie sound and something about the vocalist’s voice is hypnotizing to me. My favorite song on the album is called, Skinned Knees and Gapped Teeth. This song makes a reference to Lion-O and Thundercats, which definitely hit my funny bone pretty hard. Now I know what I want to be for Halloween; Lion-O, I will make you proud!

This project is proving to be an awesome experience! The combination of my laziness, craving of Goldfish, and love of music is easily the perfect leisure goal for me. The only problem I had on this particular night was my social life. Friends of mine were knocking on my door while I was floating on my little musical cloud. Sometimes it’s a curse to be such a popular guy… Just kidding! I was actually surprised by how easy it was to just sit down and listen to this album. I’m going to try and go to different locations this year and listen to the albums and maybe even try to find someone who wants to start listening with me. This first entry was a huge success and I found a band that I truly enjoyed hearing. Welcome to “my favorite music” on my Facebook page, Dear and the Headlights!


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