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Have you ever ordered something online and then completely forgot that it was even coming to you? Well, I sure have! After court on Monday, I came home to a mystery package on my kitchen table. I didn’t realize until I opened it that it was the new album, T-shirt, and signed poster from one of my favorite bands: Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s. I know they have a totally goofy name, but when I heard their first album a few years ago I was immediately hooked. I was so excited for this album to arrive, but I forgot about it because I had ordered it weeks ago.

I listened to the album that night in my room. Unfortunately, the album did not come with the lyrics, so I had to go back to a couple of songs to understand them. Margot has had a totally different feel on each of their 3 albums. The first album had a very indie sound, the second was somewhat folky, and this one is definitely a rock album. I definitely liked this album, but I miss their earlier work quite a bit. A lot of the original members of the band have left and as a result, their sound is constantly changing. They have an awesome song that is apparently about Bill Nye the Science Guy. In the song, the lead singer keeps repeating “Bill is skeptical about the aliens” as well as “Someday you will love someone as much as you love science.” I also like a song called My Baby Cares for the Animals, but besides these 2 songs I really wasn’t very impressed by the album.

I had a hard rough time just trying to find time to listen to this album. I have been very busy with keeping up with homework and this ridiculous court case. Stressful stuff, but at least I have music to calm me down! Thanks for reading!
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